Strengths of Toa Group explained in 1 minute!
Toa Group was started as a manufacturer of automated gyoza making machines/dumpling machines.
Today, we are a leading company in food business with special focus to gyoza dumplings (known as the gyoza business). We will explain here the strengths and structure of Toa Group.

The only company in the world that covers
the entire scope of gyoza dumpling business

The only company in the world that covers the entire scope of gyoza dumpling business.
5 strengths of TOA group
Toa Group

Toa Industry Co., Ltd.

Manufature & Sale of
Fully Automated Gyoza Making Machine 
/ Dumpling Machine
Mini Gyoza Making Machine / Dumpling Machine
Automated Loader Machine and
Screw Type Dough Sheeter

US Machinery Co., Ltd.

Sale and Maintenance of
Automated Gyoza Machines

US Foods Co., Ltd.

Designing of Food Factories,
Consultant Business,
Sale and Export of Foods and
Ingredients in Japan and abroad

Toa Automation Equipment
(Dalian) Co., Ltd.

Manufature, Sale & Export of Automated Gyoza Machines

No.1 Share in Japan and World-wide

We take pride in being the No. 1 company in the manufacture of gyoza making machines / dumpling machines  in Japan and the world.
Statistics from sales figures as per our research.

Sales are increasing every year in this fast growing market!

Gyoza dumpling business is expanding rapidly both in Japan and around the world.
Toa Group is a vital part of this expansion.

Sale of our machines in 5 Continents!

From Hamamatsu to all of Japan, and then to the world.
To globalize the gyoza culture, we are active around the world.
We shall undertake our next challenge with YOU!
So you see, even at this very moment, Toa Group is expanding our market share.
By supporting gyoza dumpling business from all possible angles, we are determined to continue to pursue happiness and prosperity of all those concerned, including our customers, our staff and all gyoza dumpling fans around the world.