Welcome to Toa Automation Equipment.
Would you like to work with us in Toa Automation Equipment? Very comfortable company.
There are no quotas and strict management as large enterprises. Everyone has goals and values autonomy.
Then there are meritocratic companies that properly value people who have tried.
Of course, before entering the company, the seniors in each department will kindly guide.

The ideal character image

  • People who claim to be positive
  • People who are coordinated and value communication
  • Spontaneity

Education, career planning

  1. Once a month, the president talks about the company's current situation, future direction, and action plan.
  2. Once a month, heads of various departments gather for a meeting on improving quality and service, productivity, and the environment.
  3. Leaders of each line are invited to announce the cooperation, progress, problems and improvements between departments at the morning meeting every Monday.
  4. Confirm the coordination, progress and schedule between departments at daily morning meeting.
  5. Regular seminars and skill checks are also available. (Expenses to be borne by the company)
  6. Personal skill improvement goals will be submitted twice a year and previous goals will also be validated.

About Toa Automation Equipment

Toa Automation Equipment Organization chart

Toa Automation Equipment Co., Ltd Introduction

The design and manufacture of automatic dumpling machine

US·Machinery Co., LTD

Fully automatic dumpling machine sales · maintenance services


Food industry consultant · Operating direct stores

Toa Automation Equipment (Dalian) Co., Ltd Introduction

Fully automatic dumpling machine manufacturing, import and export trade business