Not afraid of difficulties, dare to challenge
East Asia Industries will give full support
Dong-a Industrial not only produces and sells dumpling machines, but also has a dumpling shop and a dumpling factory. It is a comprehensive manufacturer that can support the dumpling business from beginning to end. So, every job is filled with unique pride, joy and endless opportunities.
Donga Industries, now a manufacturing company, is trying to expand its overseas business with China as the center. In addition, we can learn from the successful operation model of "Hamtaro" dumpling shop to provide consumers. This comprehensive service capability is the company's unique great advantage.
Despite the fact that the company has employees who are skilled in various fields and are active both at home and abroad, we have in common the East Asian spirit of "facing customers' needs without fear of difficulties."
Identify what you want and work hard to achieve it. Dong-a Industrial is a unit where any difficulty will be rewarded with such enthusiasm. I am looking forward to talented people who can work hard for the smile of customers.