This information is for customers who have purchased
or thinking of purchasing second hand (used) machines of Toa products.

A word of caution before purchasing second hand (used) machines.

The compact gyoza making machine / dumpling machine "Gyoza Innovation" is custom made to customer requirements and specifications. Therefore, customers who purchase second hand (used)  machines from third party are often troubled by the differences in the dumplings sizes etc, resulting in usage difficulties. The following are some of the problems often encountered in such a case.
  • The size of the dumpling made by the second hand (used) machine may be different from that desired by the customer.
  • The frequency (hertz) may be different from that in your area. This may result in malfunction of the machine.
  • Second hand (used) machine may not have all the required components.
  • Users of second hand (used) machines have not received initial usage training and instructions. They may not know the proper procedure of handling the machine.
  • The machine may be broken and needs repair.

The problem arising from differences in the size of the dumplings from the size desired by the new user is quite frequent, because the machine is initially tailor made to the first customer's preferences.
It is possible to change the size of the dumplings (gram weight) but as this requires many components to be replaced, it tends to become rather expensive.
Please take note of the above points before purchasing second hand (used) machines.
  • To change the size of the dumplings, it costs about 300,000 JPY to 500,000 JPY.
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Toa Industry Co., Ltd. (Repairs and Maintenance Section)
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Guideline for maintenance and support for second-hand (used) machines.

The following are the guidelines for the support and maintenance of second-hand (used) machines provided by Toa Industry Co., Ltd.
    1. Definition of Second-hand (used) Machine: Second-hand (used) machine is the machine that was initially purchased from Toa Industry Co., Ltd. or its agent, and was subsequently sold or handed over (ownership transferred) to a third party. This is not so, however, in cases where, due to spinning off or splitting of companies as a result of business reorganization, the user registration is succeeded or transferred to a new company

    2. Our support regarding second-hand (used) machines: We ask our customers to register for user registration to maintain support quality of order-made Toa machines.
      1. Customer who owns a second-hand (used) machine may receive our repair and maintenance services upon registering as a new user. Please note that new registration shall incur a registration fee.
      2. We do not provide repair and maintenance services for unregistered second-hand (used) machines.

      Toa Industry Co., Ltd. shall not take any responsibility whatsoever with regards to any indication or guarantees of functionality, repairs and support promised by the previous owner of the second-hand (used) machine.

    3. Contract Terms and Registration Fee: Contract Terms of Compact Gyoza Making Machine / Dumpling Machine
      1. We accept purchase order of components and parts only by fax, to prevent any possible communication errors. We do not accept order over telephone.
      2. In cases of sales on credit, we issue invoices on a monthly basis. Please make the payment by the end of the following month. We do not accept promissory notes.
      3. If the payment is not made by the due date, we will stop providing support and maintenance of the machines.
      4. In cases of cash on delivery, handling charges may be extra as applicable.
      5. Any bank commission for bank account transfers are to be borne by the customer.
      6. We do not accept return or cancellation of goods once dispatched.
      7. On-site services, repair, inspection, maintenance, training etc (in Japan) shall cost a basic fee of 30,000 JPY (upto 3 hours of service). For services over 4 hours, labour charge shall cost an additional 8,000 JPY per hour. Depending on the destination, other on-site trip expenses may be necessary.
      8. Our repairs and maintenance service do not guarantee stable production of dumplings.
      9. We do not take any responsibility for any injuries or accidents that may occur during the operation and maintenance of the machine.
      10. Due to the nature of the machine, it is dangerous to operate without proper knowledge. We give safety operation training at the time of the installation of the machine. We do not recommend use of the machine without receiving the safety training. We strongly urge first time users to receive safety operation training (for a charge).
      11. To purchase spare parts and receive inspection, repair and maintenance services from us, our one-time user registration fee is 70,000 JPY.

    4. About functional recovery (overhaul etc) of second-hand (used) machines that was re-registered. We can undertake inspections, maintenance and repair of second-hand (used) machines to restore full functionality. This is for a fee. Details are as follows.
      1. Inspection
        Inspection is a service to check whether there are any malfunctions or defective portions in the machine. This does not include identification of malfunctioning parts, or repair of such parts, or guarantee of any functional accuracy or correctness of the machine.

      2. Repair
        Repair is a service that includes identification of malfunctioning or defective parts and repairs of such defects, and restoring the machine to a working condition as it was designed. Standard repair does not include cleansing and removal of interior or exterior stains, scratches, rust etc.

Guideline for maintenance and support for second-hand (used) machines.

Call us at the following, if you have any questions about our machines.
Toa Industry Co., Ltd. (Repairs and Maintenance Section)
Tel: +81 53 436 2101 Open from 09:00 to 16:00 (Closed on Sat, Sun and Public Holidays)