Do what you're supposed to do


Job Responsibilities: Accountant Joined the company in 2014

Pleasant atmosphere, like-minded partners

Before entering east Asia company, I was engaged in accounting for production enterprises. At that time, East Asia Dalian company was still a new enterprise just entering the right track. I hope to grow together with the company and grow stronger together.

The economy is stable and has great space for development

The development of enterprises is inseparable from the assistance of accounting, and the continuous improvement of my ability can better serve the company.

The goal now

Make full use of financial data results, provide accurate reference data for enterprise management decisions, and maximize the service for enterprise management.
Message to future partners
Eyes to -- eyes live, see mystery;
Ear canal - good at listening, listening to enlightenment;
Hand way -- hands-on work, hone skills;
Meaning - perseverance, success in sight.