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Responsibilities: Factory manager joined the company in 2013

Dumpling machine? The original dumplings can also be made by machine!

Since I used to process rubber moulds and plastic moulds, I wanted to try higher precision processing to improve my professional level, and East Asia just gave me such a platform, so I decided to join the big family of East Asia.

Stand in the customer's point of view, more attentively do a good job of products

After coming to the company, FIRST engaged in milling machine and processing center work, feel very different from the previous work, the company staff are very strict requirements for processing parts. Later, I was recognized and trusted by the leaders of the company, and now I am in charge of the production management of the whole factory. From a different perspective, I can better understand the importance of quality to products.

The goal now

Pay attention to details, improve product quality! Endow each product with vitality!
Message to future partners
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