The pursuit of ingenuity,
Excellence has always been my attitude and standard for work!

Dong Dezhi

Responsibilities: Production Supervisor joined the company in 2013

Warm as home

I joined the company because of job-hopping, and my previous work was also manufacturing related. Choose East Asia, because here can give full play to the skills learned in the manufacturing site before, coupled with the production of dumpling machine this special machinery work let me feel it is different! Entering the company really feels like home, I learned a lot here, empathy, technology, experience, and a lot of common sense of life. Thank you East Asia!

Dumpling means reunion, I do not dumpling machine, but in order to happy reunion tomorrow

I now mainly use CNC lathe processing dumpling machine used parts. Our products require more precision than ordinary machine parts. I had no experience in such precise operation in my previous work, but I got guidance and encouragement from the senior staff, and now I can control the processing procedures of all machine parts.

The goal now

We don't do well, only better!
Message to future partners
As long as you work hard, the effort will always be rewarded, any question you have will be answered in the process of your growth, join us, together for a new future refueling!