Working in East Asia is one of the happiest things in life


Responsibilities: Assembly processing joined the company in 2013

What an amazing machine. Let's make a friend

Dumpling is the shining star of Chinese cuisine, but also the handwork patent of Chinese people. I used to be engaged in mechanical processing, when I saw this machine, let me see a light, out of curiosity, I joined East Asia, since then made friends with the machine, more in love with the current job.

Make products by heart

Minicomputer dumpling mold processing is much more difficult than imagined, want to meet the needs of different models of customers, we have to think carefully, fine carving fine grinding, try to achieve the best results. We believe that with our joint efforts, jiaozi will provide more efficient and better service to every customer.

The goal now

Quality is produced, not inspected. We should always keep quality in check. Start from the details, start from the torque of each bolt, start from each part, to ensure the quality of every detail in the production process, then the quality of the products we produce will be guaranteed, to be better recognized by customers.
Message to future partners
Work with your heart, live with your heart, spend every moment with your heart, and the years will surely reward you