From customer consultation to procurement, to product maintenance,
Customer's trust is the power that we go on all the time!

Liu Di

Duties: Sales Manager Joined the company in 2016

The pleasant working atmosphere absorbed me into the company

I used to be a procurement company in a processing enterprise, and there are too many differences from my current job. I decided to join the company to provide a good platform for the company, and have more learning opportunities to better improve my professional quality.

Higher spiritual understanding and thinking

Now I belong to the sales department, mainly responsible for product quotation, contracts, annotations, after-sales and some related work. Although the company has not been established for a long time in China, stable product quality and excellent after-sales service have established a good corporate image for the company, and the customer's trust is constantly improving. Stand in the customer's point of view, to provide customers with better pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, maximize to meet customer needs, let the machine become a loyal partner of customers, make dumplings become a happy thing!

The goal now

Once a month exhibition, let Chinese people have more opportunities to understand east Asian products, can personally taste how delicious dumplings made by machine, our goal: let the world fall in love with east Asian dumplings made by machine!
Message to future partners
If you want to work happily every day, then join us, work hard together for our common goal, we will harvest a completely different you!